Host Matrix

Use the Host Matrix to identify targets for bundled surveys (surveys targeting multiple pests). It is available in a searchable online table. The Host Matrix is updated annually to reflect changes in the Priority Pest list. The Host Matrix only contains major hosts of current CAPS Priority Pests and is not an exhaustive host list.

The Host Matrix is also available for download as an Excel file.

Major Hosts

The Host Matrix contains important hosts at risk, or 'major hosts.' Major hosts are defined as hosts that are listed as major, primary, or preferred in the literature with direct evidence of economic or environmental damage. See the CAPS Datasheets and Approved Methods pest pages for more information about preferred hosts, host systems (e.g. forests, nurseries, etc.), and hosts appropriate for survey.

Weeds / Parasitic Plants

The weeds on the Priority Pest List are not associated with a specific host and were not included in the Host Matrix.


Mollusks were not included in this matrix because they are not usually host-specific. Design mollusk surveys based on potential pathways of introduction.

Pests of Stored Products

Pests of stored products, such as Trogoderma granarium (Khapra beetle), are not included in the Host Matrix. These pests are not host-specific. Design surveys based on potential pathways of introduction.

Search by the pest or host using the dynamic search box. Searching by pest will return all the major hosts of that particular pest. Searching by host will reveal each pest that causes significant damage to the respective host.